The innovative style of the Bugaboo Bee stroller is catching the eyes of many new parents and parents-to-be. Every parent wants their child to grow up feeling loved and special, and this stroller’s unique style certainly promises to get you off to a great start on meeting that goal. Yet there is more to a stroller purchase than style. Other factors like cost, function, comfort, and safety come into play, too. So just what can you expect from this particular stroller?

Functional Design Of The Bugaboo Bee Stroller

Bugaboo Bee Stroller RedThe Bugaboo Bee stroller sure is nice to look at with its innovative design and all black fabric. Yet the stroller is more than just something pretty to look at. This is a stroller that has been designed to really make your time out and about with baby a dream. It boasts a quick, fold-up design, a compact weight of just 17 pounds, and even adjustable handlebars so that both parents can push it with ease. If that’s not enough, it also comes with a rain cover, a sun canopy, and a huge under seat basket to hold all of your supplies.

Comfort Features In The Bugaboo Bee Stroller

Just as you wouldn’t buy a car without looking at comfort features, you also shouldn’t buy a stroller without checking them out, too. Certainly, you aren’t intending to spend time sitting in the Bugaboo Bee stroller, but your little one will be spending hours and hours in this stroller. The good news is that with its features like a reversible seat that reclines and extends, your baby will be absolutely comfortable while you cruise around. It also is adaptable to most infant car seats, so you don’t have to disturb a sleeping infant when you are out and about.

A Safe Ride

With so many strollers and other baby gear being recalled all of the time, you no doubt want to pay special attention to safety features. This stroller features a five-point safety harness as well as locking swivel wheels with a foot brake, too. This is highly rated by consumer safety companies, so you know that the Bugaboo Bee stroller is a stroller that both you and your baby can both feel comfortable with.

Here’s a detailed video demonstrating the Bugaboo Bee stroller:

What Parents Are Saying

The Bugaboo Bee stroller is a high-end stroller, and before you make such a purchase, you certainly will want to read a few consumer reviews to ensure that parents who have already bought it are enjoying their purchase. This product has almost a four-star rating on, and here are a few of the things other people have said about their time using it:

“We recently got the Bee and LOVE it. It’s far better than the Frog.”
— Omar Shahine,

“I also like that the Bee is narrower than all the other strollers on the market. What that means is that it’s easy to go into a store (even a small store) with the Bee and cruise through the aisles without taking detours.”
— Manhattan,

How Do You Find The Bugaboo Bee Stroller?

You can find it in some local stores, but if you want to save yourself the hassle of driving around all over town, you will want to hop online to place your order. You can order it from a trusted retailer like in just a matter of minutes and enjoy the convenience of having it shipped right to your door. This is the perfect way to buy what is arguably one of the best strollers on the market today without ever having to hassle with the traditional shopping experience of crowded aisles and long lines!

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